Ambrose Property Group, Exhibit Columbus, and Central Indiana Community Foundation have partnered to transform sections of the former General Motors Stamping Plant site, now called Waterside, into a vibrant urban art and cultural centerpiece.

The organizations are combining their efforts to run a design competition to transform approximately 25,000 square feet of the 82 year old former General Motors Chevrolet Division Commercial Body Plant (the “Crane Bay”), develop its surrounding plaza, design a pedestrian bridge connection to downtown Indianapolis, and consider the public realm framework that connects these elements within the larger development site.

This ambitious and aspirational public space project aims to reimagine this space into a dynamic, inclusive, and artistically and architecturally significant programmable space. It will function as a neighborhood centerpiece, tourist attraction, and world-class icon that will challenge the hearts and minds of its visitors and local residents. 


This project is Indianapolis’ watershed moment and this design competition places innovation and design excellence at the center of an important development in the connection and expansion of downtown Indianapolis. The development of the former GM Stamping Plant on Indianapolis’ near west side represents a rare opportunity to impact the city’s identity through design at a critical point in our city’s history. This ambitious and inspiring project has dramatic potential to significantly grow the city and its reputation.

The Waterside Design Competition will create bold and iconic ideas for public space, art, and architecture. Waterside will be a place where residents, regardless of identity, will explore and dream. Visitors will consider Indianapolis with a fresh lens. Bringing to life this 103-acre site in downtown Indianapolis will not only raise Indianapolis’ profile on a national scale, but will also bring thousands of new residents, employees, and visitors to the urban core. It will demonstrate the capacity for architecture, art, and design to play a pivotal role in catalyzing new possibilities around the city. This project will reconnect the west side of Indianapolis to downtown by creating a new center of gravity at Waterside. 

The development of Waterside represents an unparalleled opportunity to further shape our city’s future through innovative design and dynamic public spaces. This project prioritizes design excellence in order to breathe life into a structure that once served as an economic engine for the area and a property that — currently sitting vacant — still remains deeply connected to the neighborhood’s identity.
— Mayor Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis